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Here you will find more detailed information about the treatments I offer.

I am looking forward seeing you soon!


The philosophy of ND - Life in balance is, to offer one place, where people can get there Body Mind & Soul in balance.

As a Medical Massage Therapist and Coach I combine the most importent areas, which are the basis for holistic health.

Thoughts, Feelings and the function of the Body. It is very personal to me that physical complaints are treated, and also the true causes of these complaints are determined. In many cases, recurring health challenges can be passed on in the long term.

To whom is my offer addressed?

All humans, who ...

want to be seen as a human, not just a number,

are interested to find out the true causes of there physical complaints and  want to cure it, 

are interested to be treated individuelly,

want to live a more happy and satisfying Life (no pain! physically and mentally)

want to experience more fun in Life,

are looking for someone who will be a perfect companion who will support them finding more to themselves and experience more inner peace.

To all human beings, who whish a positive change in there lifes, and whish to have a professional step by step instruction how to get there (No matter in which area of there lifes).



The classic Massage is for  the purpose of relaxing (sedate), loosening and stretching the muscle tissue. It can also strengthen sagging muscles (tonifying).It acts as a passive movement therapy. 

At the same time the circulation of the tissue and the skin is stimulated, which has a positive effect on circulation and well-being. The therapeutic massage focuses specifically on certain complaints, resulting in a pain relief and, in the long run, a complaint-free health condition

Manual Lymphdrainage by Dr. Vodder

Edema and decongestive therapy, which may include the entire body, or individual areas of the body such as arms, legs, face, etc. However, the lymphatic drainage can also be used as a "relaxation", as it is a massage form, Pressure, and pumping handles.

Frequent indications of lymph drainage:

After surgery (e.g., after breast cancer). During pregnancy (water retention / legs) For swellings such as sprains, strains etc.Migrains

Contraindications: Heart failure Acute inflammation caused by pathogenic germs Phlebotombosis Unclear tumor status (please clarify with your doctor in advance!) Hyperthyroidism (Basedow's disease, thyroid gland overactivity)

                Dry Cupping


Cupping is a therapy from the field of natural healing and one of the oldest therapeutic procedures. Nearly every old medical culture has practiced cupping independently. The aim is to remove harmful or pathogenic substances (slag) from the body. Cupping is usually done with several small vessels of glass or plastic. They are placed on the body and a negative pressure is generated. By the vacuum, the upper layer lifts off the lower layers. As a connective tissue massage, the blood circulation of the tissue is stimulated and the lymph flow is activated. Tensions and blockages are thereby loosened and loosened. Bruises can form on the treated areas (there is a so-called "Störherd"). The blue spots (hematomas) persist for several hours or even days. This visible side effect of cupping is therapeutically intended. After the bruises, after a few days, are hardly visible any more, this treatment is repeated; As long as no hematomas are formed ("interference-free").




By means of gentle stroking and acupressure, blockages and tensions are dissolved in the body and the energy is again flowed. The energy-point massage is mainly used for mental-mental well-being. It is strengthening and balancing and helps with stress, anxiety, insecurity ...

    Energy-massage "be in balance"

Like the energy point massage - with the addition of high-quality, 100% natural, essential oils. These are adapted to the respective needs and applied. These oils are used in many different ways to describe the lsical system. The limbic system is a functional unit of the brain that serves the processing of emotions.

            Foot Reflexology Massage

The popular reflexology zone is a pressure treatment, in which pressure is exerted on very specific areas of the foot. By the pressure acupressure points are served, which activates the body organs. Likewise, this type of massage is an effective method to promote stress relief. This hotel is located in the city center. The reflexology of the foot reflexology serves as a supporting measure, especially for chronic diseases: Pain treatment Disorders of the skeleton or musculature Sports injuries Digestive problems Chronic nasal congestion migraine a headache Menstrual problems Allergies In the case of psychological stress, foot reflexology can also be used as complementary therapy: sleep disorders depression Exhaustion states stress.


Our thoughts have an enormous impact on our entire life. We always think - unconsciously and consciously. Often, it is the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are fed by fears that are felt and visible in the external world. Health, work / career, partnerships / family, etc. are a great challenge for many people. Mental training helps to describe the actual state and to implement pathways that initiate a positive change.

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